COVID-19 Action Plan & Implementation for Coding Success in Schools


The purpose of this blog post is to ensure our audience, clients, partners, schools, etc. know that Happy Code Club has established new protocols that comply with CDC and school guidelines. Our team is dedicated to being a part of the solution and doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, while still implementing effective tech education programs. 

Taking Post COVID-19 Learning Step by Step

By now, we all know that the CoronaVirus, also known as COVID-19, will change the course of how we live for the rest of our lives. It can be a challenging and transformational battle whether it is your work, education, or loved ones who are changing, which is why we at Happy Code Club are here to give you the rundown of our future plan of action to ensure the safety and well-being of our learners.

Concerns and Plan of Action

We are aware of the many concerns and questions parents and those involved in Happy Code Club must be wondering, such as, how can we take your classes at home? And What happens if my child doesn’t have access to a computer? There are so many valid questions that would like to address as far as the plan of action necessary for Post Covid Learning.

What is the Big Deal?

As excited as we are to jump back into the classroom and see all our enthusiastic students, we are taking things very seriously. It has become necessary to keep ourselves updated with new statewide statics and information. This way we can be as safe as possible, while also learning in the process and hopefully passing the knowledge on to you all!

State and School Guidelines, we too Believe are Important!

“Many statewide afterschool networks have created COVID-19 pages with state specific information. We will continue to update the links on this map as more information becomes available.”

Increased Health Precautions Will Become the New Normal

One of the most important parts of returning to school will be sanitation, which we will continue to do before and after our lessons, to ensure we are leaving the space cleaner than it was prior. This will include wiping down:


·   Keyboards

·   Screens

·   Tables

·   Chairs

·   Headphones

·   Mice



 Most importantly we cannot forget to wash our hands along with any other materials/ equipment we touched. Individual tables, and social distancing will also be implemented, however for the time being you can also use these tips in your own home until we are back in schools.

What are the Benefits to an Online Platform?

When looking ahead to summer camp and the new school year, it looks as if virtual learning will be the new normal for a while. We are sure that several people have their reservations about using online platforms however there are so many benefits to learning at your own pace as well as being able to show your parents or siblings the new skills you are learning!

Ways to not Feel Overwhelmed, we are all in this Together!

The Happy Code Club never wants you to feel like you are unable to participate or join in on the coding fun because of what is happening around the world. Below is an image that pictures the type of learning we want to promote in children regardless of the circumstances presented. 

“We want to “revolutionize” and “reimagine” K-12 education for when schools reopen, focusing on how technology can be leveraged to make learning more effective.”

Resources We have to Offer

In order to adapt to the situation we have been put in, there are several different private classes and virtual summer sessions we are offering. To access more information on private sessions and summer camp, there is a section on our website labeled “virtual camps” and to learn about the variety of classes we offer you can head over to the “classes” tab. We are looking forward to teaching you, and seeing all you can create!

We Hope that You and Your Family are Safe and Healthy!
- Happy Code Club Team



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