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Job Descriptions and Details

  • Mission:

    Our Mission is to empower the next generation of Computer Science Teachers and Technologists with practical experiences in the classroom as it relates to Coding and Robotics Programs in Elementary and Middle Schools.

    Interim Mission:

    To help underprivileged families by providing free access to Educational Opportunities for their children. Making our programs accessible to these groups is a much needed service to our communities and we aim to make a difference by sharing and teaching our knowledge in CS subjects that we have a mastery in. 


    We are looking for experienced and or passionate inexperienced candidates who meet the criteria and have mastery in a Computer Science or STEM area such as Coding, Robotics, Chess, Math or other related fields. We will pair you with children who can take your class online either in a group of 5 or privately depending on your preference.

    Training is provided on curricula we already use as well pedagogy. If you do well, you may be invited to stay on as a Part Time Instructor once we are allowed to teach again at schools. 

    All positions require volunteers to take basic training of at least 2 hours and pass State and Federal background checks. Two forms of ID are required

    Other requirements:

    Please submit a resume or linkedin profile and a cover letter or statement of interest. 

    Many are welcome including College Students or Aspiring Technologists or Educators or just a person with a passion to be great and give back in this way.

    A quiet space to teach at least one hour per week. Your own WIFI. Your own computer, mouse and headset

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