Virtual Summer Camp

June 22nd - August 14

A weekly camp combining computer science and fun!

Half Day or Full Day Camp starting from:

Choose two classes for a an AM and PM experience.


*per week per class

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  • AM Camp 10AM - 12PM 
  • PM Camp 1PM - 3PM

Note: all times are EST

Groups are never larger than 5 Campers per Instructor guaranteed! This ensures the time spent is quality and real learning takes place in our camps. Some groups vary and are just 3 or 4 kids to one instructor.

It has been proven that kids learn better when they are engaged in a fun atmosphere. We have 4 years of experience teaching after school coding classes and running a custom Camp. We believe in quality over quantity and that is why we have hand picked subjects kids enjoy and keep our groups small. Our instructors are highly trained and will focus on engaging each camper to bring out their natural curiosity and potential. 

  • What computers are needed to attend the online Camp? ANS: you will need WIFI, a quiet space and computer or chromebook or tablet. Check the class descriptions here for each class here.
  • I have questions about camp, how do I get answers? ANS: just reach out to us. See our contact page for details. 
  • Do you offer refunds? ANS: yes, check out our refund policy here.
  • Do you offer pay by the day option? ANS: unfortunately we only offer weekly sessions. 
  • How can we make up a missed class? ANS: you never lose a missed camp class. (if ill or emergency) just let us know and we'll arrange a make up class 
  • See all FAQ here.

Scratch Programming

Learn programming skills through the Scratch programming language! Build up your confidence and create fun games and animations! AGES 8-10


Python Programming

Use python to expand your programming lingo and create exciting games using new concepts such as loops and variables. AGES 10-13


AppInventor App Programming

Learn skills to create and publish a fully functioning android app that you will create and then publish on the Google Play Store!

AGES 11-15


Roblox Modelling/Programming

Learn or expand your knowledge of both modelling and scripting through our comprehensive Roblox course! AGES 8-10


Minecraft Modding

Work with others to create your own unique Minecraft mod using Java! You’ll also learn many transferable programming skills.

AGES 8-10


Robotics Simulator

Create programs for robots such as the Mindstorms EV3! Explore the different types of blocks and make your dream a reality!

AGES 8-13


Virtual Reality

Use the A-Frame library with the HTML programming language to code and create your own expansive VR worlds! AGES 11-15


Private Lessons

Don’t have time for a full camp? Want some extra time with your instructor after camp? Register for a private class! AGES 8-15